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Window Winding Gear Systems for Opening and Closing High Level Windows and Louvres

Window and Door Repairs

Advanced Window Door Services Limited AWDS has provided Window Winding Gear Systems for Opening and
Closing high level windows plus Window and Door Repairs since 1995. 

So whether Industrial, Commercial or Residential there are Manual and Electric Window Winding Gear systems to suit various Architectural and or standard window specifications, new or old. 

The basis of most our winding gear due to its popularity and cost effective method of opening and closing high level windows is:

  • Arens Manual Shaft and Lever Control Gear
  • Arens Electric Shaft and Lever System
  • Arens Manual Flexible Cable Control Gear

The Arens Manual Gearbox, is reknown for its robust strength and easy operation. The Manual Shaft and Lever is further recognised for its low maintenance servicing and used on majority of Schools throughout New Zealand. Whereas the Electric Shaft and Lever normally has 230 Volt Actuator attached to the gear and requires an electric cable, wiring and switch. The Manual Flexible Cable has a large 12 inch Manual Gearbox and features coil type appearance suited for smaller sashes.

Other leading brands of versatile Electric Actuators used for: -

  • Temperature
  • Rain
  • Smoke controlled environments

Or Actuators designed to fit discreetly on each window sill or Transom: -

  • Single Electric Chainwinders
  • Tandem Electric Chainwinders  (special designs for wide, heavy windows)



Careful asessment of window control gear applications, environmental exposure and practical

suitability are always fundamental prerequisites for selecting the best system and price. 

AWDS is based in Waikanae, Kapiti Coast, Wellington Region

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